Reasons you may need to file a travel insurance claim


How many times have you encountered something in anticipation of a holiday that forced you to cancel at the last minute and most of them have no refunds? Although we all like to plan a great holiday, we can never foresee what might happen at that time. Does this mean that you are not planning any holidays at all? of course not! Instead, what you can do is invest in travel insurance.

Travel insurance can reimburse you under any unforeseen circumstances, including flight cancellations, lost luggage and flight delays caused by bad weather. But under what circumstances need to file a travel insurance claim? Well, let's find out!

Reasons for making a travel insurance claim

Most of the reasons for making an insurance claim depend on what your insurance plan covers. However, some common reasons covered by almost all insurance plans are as follows:


Many flights were delayed or cancelled due to weather conditions that made the trip dangerous or worse and impossible to proceed. Although your flight may be delayed or rescheduled, there may be no refunds for catering and hotel reservations. In this case, it can be helpful to file an insurance claim with your company. In most cases, you will receive all or part of the funds you spend.

Lost luggage

Loss of luggage is a very common thing, especially on long-distance flights. This situation can be very painful because we bought everything for the trip and packed it, and losing your luggage means you have lost your essentials and you will have to spend more money to buy everything again. Travel insurance can cover lost or stolen luggage, and even pay you some fees before you receive the luggage.

Family or work emergency

Home and workplace emergencies are another common reason people eventually cancel their trips. Whether your loved one is sick or in an accident, or your office needs you to attend an important meeting, you will have to cancel or postpone your itinerary until further notice. In this case, filing a travel insurance claim can help you save a lot of money when canceling.

All in all, if you have travel insurance, your insurance company can reimburse most (if not all) of your expenses in the event of an accident!