Top Insurance Providers in the World


How Do They Differ?

There are many ways to rank insurance companies. They can be categorized according to their stock exchange value, net premiums in one-year sales figures, and even through policy sales. This article will focus on some of the world’s top insurance providers, ranked based on tracked revenue over the past 12 months. They are publicly traded directly or through ADR in the United States.

1. China Ping An Insurance (PNGAY) Co., Ltd.

PNGAY started operations as an insurance company in 1998. It provides financial, insurance and banking services. Among the "Top 50 Companies" listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the company has:

●Revenue (US$115 billion)

●Market value (USD 230.8 billion)

●Net income ($17.5 billion)

● Trailing total return (9.0%)

Ping An has many subsidiaries including Ping An Pension, Ping An Life, Ping An Health, and Ping An Property & Casualty.

2. Berkshire Hathaway

Berkshire is one of the best top insurance companies in the United States. It has a combination of utilities and energy, retail, services, rail transportation, and manufacturing. The company provides casualty risk insurance policies, property reinsurance and major insurance. It operates through Berkshire Hathaway Primary Group, GEICO Insurance Company, National Indemnity, General Re, and various other companies. It currently has:

●Revenue (US$279 billion)

●Market value ($549 billion)

●Net income (35.8 billion US dollars)

●Trailer total return (3.3%)

3. Allianz S.E. (Alice)

Allianz operates in the world's top companies that provide financial services, providing asset management and insurance services and products. It has a wide range of insurance products, including property and accident insurance, life insurance and health insurance. All of these are aimed at individual and corporate customers. Allianz is headquartered in Germany and its current statistics include:

●Revenue ($97.5 billion)

●Market value (98 billion US dollars)

●Net income ($7.7 billion)

● Trailing total return (-3.4%)


AXA was established in the 1990s as a result of the merger of several companies. It has a large number of businesses in the global market that provides asset management services, savings, accident insurance, property insurance and life insurance.

●Revenue (US$112 billion)

●Market value (55.7 billion US dollars)

●Net income (3.3 billion US dollars)

● Trailing total return (-9.1%)

5. PINXY-The People's Insurance (Group) Co., Ltd. of China

Pinxin Insurance is a top insurance company from China with multiple subsidiaries that provide health, life, property and pension insurance. In addition, it also provides asset management and reinsurance services. PINXY estimates:

●Revenue ($85.5 billion)

●Market value (14.9 billion US dollars)

●Net income (US$4 billion)

● Trailing total return (7.0%)


Aviva PLC operates internationally. It provides life, fire, maritime, auto, aviation and transportation insurance in the UK. In addition, it also provides a variety of financial services. In the UK market, it leads its business through General Insurance and UK Life Business.

● Revenue (46.9 billion US dollars)

●Market value (18.8 billion US dollars)

●Net income (2.9 billion US dollars)

● Trailing total return (8.5%)

7. Prudential PLC (PUK)

Prudential, an insurance company based in London, provides casualty, accident, life, property and health policies. In addition, it also provides mortgage loans, equity plans, pensions and more financial services. It is mainly aimed at customers in the UK.

●Revenue (35.1 billion U.S. dollars)

●Market value (49.9 billion US dollars)

●Net income (700 million US dollars)

●Trailer total return (6.4%)