2022’s Top Car Insurance Companies


The best car insurance isn't always the cheapest. It can be tempting to choose an insurance company based on pricing alone, but if you need to file a claim, you need a company that can support you. There's no use getting the cheapest auto insurance quote if it doesn't meet your needs.

Below is a list of insurance providers that use real consumer reviews and pricing information.

Best car insurance provider


We found USAA to be the leading auto insurance provider. In our survey of corporate customers, customer satisfaction with USAA's customer service was high. They also appreciate the simple claims process and regular information on claims progress.

The only downside is the limited availability of the company. USAA services are limited to veterans, service members and their families. As a result, many people are denied USAA coverage.

State Farm

Nearly all survey participants said State Farm made it easy to file a claim; as a result, many of them plan to expand their coverage. State Farm is the best car insurance option for those not affiliated with the military.

On the other hand, we found State Farm's entitlement status updates less than satisfactory. Overall, drivers who bought insurance at State Farm said the company was good value for money.


According to our research, Geico is the third best auto insurance provider. Geico is known for simplifying the claims process for its customers. According to most respondents, Geico is a company they would recommend to friends and family. Affordable prices and overall excellent customer service, with an overall score lower than some competitors for value.


Despite consistently good results, Nationwide has failed to compete in any category. We can't place Nationwide in the top 3 for auto insurance due to a few shortcomings. Some respondents expressed dissatisfaction with Nationwide's status updates or how their claims were handled.


Survey participants rated customer service, handling requests, and overall value positively. On the other hand, when we asked drivers if they would recommend the farm to friends or family, farmers' ratings dropped slightly, suggesting they were only moderately satisfied overall.

American Family

U.S. households rank lowest in claims-adjusted customer satisfaction. Still, American households have high customer loyalty. Customers who said they would renew their coverage ranked this company at the top of the list. Policyholders in U.S. households are also more likely than the general public to recommend the company to their friends and family.


While Progressive's cheerful saleswoman Flo is the company's most popular advertising star, Progressive is only seventh on our list of insurance companies. Customer service and convenience when reporting damage is a top priority for insurance companies. On the other hand, Progressive lags behind most of its competitors in these areas. Progressive customers are more likely than other companies to renew their contracts, even though some of their competitors are more satisfied with the value they provide.