What Is Insurance Proof?


Before you go, make sure you have a vehicle registration card, driver's license and proof of insurance in your car. Auto insurance is required in most states. Your proof of insurance shows that you have current legal auto insurance that meets state minimum requirements.

The following information on proof of insurance will help you always have up-to-date and correct documents.

Proof of Insurance: What is it?

You may be required to provide proof of insurance, for example, when applying for a new car, renewing your driver's license, getting involved in a car accident, or being pulled over. As long as the paperwork meets your state's minimum liability standards, you can start driving. Your policy is fully described in the paper, so anyone viewing it can easily confirm the accuracy of the data.

In most cases, insurance cards contain some basic information about the policyholder and policy. These data include:

• The name and registered office of the insurance company

• Policy start and end dates

• Policy number and NAIC number.

• Name of policyholder

• A description of the year, VIN and model of the insured vehicle

Most states require you to have at least the minimum insurance required by law. However, coverage types (such as Collision Damage Waiver and Collision Damage Waiver) and policy limitations are usually not included in the documentation.

How to get proof of insurance

After you apply for an insurance policy, you will receive an insurance document from your insurance company. Once you have paid your first premium, the insurance company will send you proof of insurance by email or fax.

This document may also be sent to you electronically. In fact, drivers can digitally submit proof of their insurance in 49 states. It's important to note that New Mexico is the only state that does not accept digital evidence.

If you do not receive proof of insurance within a reasonable time, please contact your insurance company for the necessary documentation.

Why do I need proof of insurance?

You may be required to provide proof of insurance for various purposes, including the police and the DMV. Some insurance companies may require proof of existing coverage when applying for new car insurance. If you have gaps or gaps in your insurance coverage, you may end up paying more in premiums.

Auto insurers see coverage gaps as a bigger risk. It is generally accepted that the longer you can demonstrate that you have uninterrupted coverage, the lower the rate you are likely to pay.

If your new insurance company needs proof of insurance, they can contact your previous insurance company directly. Alternatively, if your new insurance company cannot obtain this information from your previous insurance company, they may ask you to provide proof of insurance. Always have copies of your insurance documents handy, just in case.